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He is most remembered for North by Northwest. His zodiac sign is Aries. Philip Ober is a member of the following lists: American film actors , American television actors and American stage actors. Help us build our profile of Philip Ober! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. He later retired from acting to work as a diplomat. Vivian Vance and Philip Ober were married for 17 years.

Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Henry Jacob, a Separatist, was a prolific writer, publishing numerous tracts and petitions to both Queen Elizabeth and King James; frequently critical of the Church of England.

He was imprisoned inand, on his release, fled to Holland, where he took up residence with the congregation of John Robinson, pastor of the Mayflower Pilgrims. Robinson's congregation continued to live in Leiden, Holland where religious freedom was practiced, discussed and openly debated. Robinson's group lived and worked together and depended heavily on one another for their survival.

They secretly operated a printing press and were primarily responsible for printing most of the material circulating against the Church of England during that time. It took several years, but England eventually put enough pressure on Holland to shut them down. Jacob was no longer licensed by the Church of England due to his outspoken, non-conformist views.

King James, however, did agree to the Puritan request for a new English translation of the Bible, known after its publication in as the King James Version. John Lothrop has been called one of the five most important ministers to arrive in New England during the Great Migration. InRev. Henry Jacob joined Separatists living in Virginia, and Rev. The group's private meetings continued for some time, sometimes barely escaping their persecutors.

Writers on the subject have commented on his arrest, but are deeply saddened by the lack of knowledge of their names.

Lothrop remained in prison two years until Apriland upon his release he removed to Scituate. Lothrop in Scituate in November Both the Ware and Eaton families were deeply connected to the Separatists who migrated from Tenterden, co. Kent, to Scituate. Jacob after word of his arrival read them. However, upon Jacob's untimely death, they pulled up stakes again and followed the recently arrived Rev.

Richard Bennett to his new settlement in Nansemond Co. The Scituate Separatists, referred to as the "men of Kent," arrived at different times and by different routes. A large number of the group stayed for a short time in Sandwich, co. In Lothrop's diary he wrote, "upon January 8, Wee had a day of humiliation and then att night joined in covenent togeather, so many of us as had beene in covenenaunt before.

Lothrop, who the Lord has brought us in safety. These "Men of Kent" continued to arrive over the next four years. Bythe 50 plus households living in Scituate remained a well-defined group and seldom married outsiders. Samuel Eaton, son of Richard Eaton, Vicar of Great Budworth, was educated at Oxford, was a prolific pamphleteer and the first nonconformist minister in shire. He took orders under the Church of England, but soon dissented. He first went as minister to West Kirby on the Wirrall, but was suspended by Bishop Bridgeman intaken prisoner by Bishop Laud and imprisoned at Newgate.

He fled to Holland after his release joining others who were living there.

Nathaniel and Lydia settled in Scituate soon after their arrival in on the Hercules. In Sep. He wrote in his journal: "The Griffin and another ship now arriving with about passenger and one hundred cattle. Lothrop and Mr. Simmes, two godly ministers coming in the same ship. Lothrop as a former acquaintance. We know each of her sisters married at the age of 21, so it is believed Nicholas Ware and Anne Vassall married in Barbados about William Vassall, Anne's father, removed with his family to Barbados inand he died shortly before 31 Julywhen Nicholas Ware is mentioned in his will.

InNicholas Ware, age 21, was a headright for Rev. George White, for Lower Norfolk Co. In the book, Early records of the town of Dedham, Mass. The list was compiled by Comfort Starr, Constable of Dedham, to "collect taxes to defray the towns debt on 16 Dec Peter Ware IV ca.

Jane Valentine c England-Aft.

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Son and heir, he was appointed Asst. Constable inand that same year he and Nicholas Ware witnessed a deposition. In he was appointed surveyor, in he was listed as a headright with John Garrett and in he was appointed Constable.

In he sold land to Hon. Nathaniel Bacon left to him by his father, that same year he purchased land in New Kent Co. Elizabeth Ware ca. Pigg and Jno Garrett. Edward Ware ca.

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Kent, England-Bfr. He is not charged on the Quit Rent, and was likely deceased prior to that year. The Edward Ware charged on the Quit Rent was the son of Nicholas Ware I, charged with acres his father purchased on 29 Nov ; acres his father received on 22 Sep ; and 20 acres Edward himself purchased on 12 Nov for a total of acres; this shows Edward received his inheritance while his father was still living.

According to his son Edward's patent, Nicholas Ware received a total of acres from Henry Madison. He received acres in and an additional acres soon after. The acres belonged to Henry's father, John Madison, Sr. William Taylor. Nicholas appears on the Virginia Quit Rent Rolls charged with acres. This acres consisted of acres he patented with John Darwood on 23 Apr The remaining acres was part of the acres patented with John Garrett on 21 Aug John Garrett re-patented acres on 26 Apradjacent Cardingbrook and Jennings and previously re-patented same on 24 Feb In a deed, his son is referred to as Nicholas Ware, Jr.

Sharp, date states: "Nicholas Ware, the first ancestor who lived in Stratton-Major Parish had married Jenny Garrett, and they settled there in He and Jenny married about For more on the Garrett Family see: www. FNU Ware ca. That same year his nephew, Rev. Richard Bennett, arrived aboard the "Seafloure" with his brother, Rev. William Bennett, and Mrs. Utie and her son John. The Rev. Thomas Harrison also labored with them. Nansemond soon became the great center of the dissenting idea, and was most influential in the propagating of the views of the non-conformists and dissenters.

Richard Bennett and his group moved from Isle of Wight Co. William Bennett was succeeded by Rev. Henry Jacob. On June 3,Rev. Bennett's commercial and political connections included William Claiborne of Virginia and Maurice Thompson, a London merchant, allowing him to engage in profitable commerce between Virginia, Maryland, England and the Netherlands.

Byhe had thousands of acres in both Virginia and Maryland and imported over settlers, mostly Puritans. Many of these mercenaries remained in Maryland and became the vanguard of a vast Puritan migration to that colony between - Her brother John Hat married Dorothy Philpott. William Bradford, the first governor of the Plymouth Colony, once lived in Amsterdam with the separatists. A New Kent Co.

With the restoration of Charles II to the English throne, the influence of the puritan movement in England and in Virginia diminished.

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Most of the remaining Puritans became Quakers, particularly after the visit of George Fox and William Edmundson in A known convert of Edmundson and Fox was Richard Bennett, and many surmise William Claiborne became a convert at that time as well.

George Fox in his journal writes of Bennett, "He was a solid wise man, received the truth and died in the same, leaving two Friends his executors. As the history of the Eastern Shore unfolds, we discover Puritans and Pilgrims from England, New England and New Netherlands, as well as Quakers and Presbyterians, were setting their sights on the Eastern Shore to practice their faith unmolested.

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The Mayflower Compact was signed by the Pilgrims from Holland and others who joined them on the Mayflower who were referred to as "strangers". Inupon his return to London, Jacob formed the first Independent Church of England with the following initial members.

Barnett, Mr. Gibs, MR. Gresham on Exall SwampStory. Gutharie, Alexander Campbell, Colonel Ed. On Apr. William Sayer patented acres in New Kent Co. Hall; Mr. Robert Hill and Mr. Henry Biggs; by Chiscake Path, to Mr. Light; Crossing Bridge Br. Nicholas Ware. Cavaliers and Pioneers, Pat. Book 7, p. InPeter Ware [Sr.

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This land was located on the northside of the Mattaponi River for transporting eight persons: Sarah Dibdall [wife of Rev. John Dibdall of Surry Co. In Peter Ware, Jr. Appraisal of other property of Robert Jackson was signed by Peter Ware. Beverly Fleet, VA. Abstract 25, York Co. In MayGervase Dodson was among a group of Quakers apprehended and made to appear before the court. Before his death, Dodson was publicly whipped for being caught at a house at night with several Quakers.

He was charged with plotting against the Crown. In his lifetime, William Perkins attained enormous popularity, with sales of his works eventually surpassing even Calvin's. Marie, Sara, Judith and Lidia. To my wife Dorothy Hatch pounds, wearing apparel, plate, furniture, cattle, poultry, grain, cloth, and all my books.

To my brother William Hatch's children as follows: to his second son Thomas Hatch 10 pounds and all sums he owes me, and at his death to all his children 50 pounds equally divided, at twenty-one. To his now youngest son William Hatch 50 pounds, and if he die before receiving his legacy reversion to his children at twenty-one, equally divided. To his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Robert Soan of Brasted, 10 pounds, and at her death to her children 40 pounds, equally divided.

To his second daughter Judith, wife of Joseph Osborne of Ashford, 60 pounds, and to her son Jeremy Osborne at twenty-one 5 pounds. To his third daughter Margarett, widow of William Wood of Tenterden 20 pounds. To his youngest daughter Anne Hatch 30 pounds at twenty-one, she not to marry without the consent of her brothers John and William Hatch. If she do as her sister Shusall did, without their and my consent, then she shall have only 22s.

To my sister Winnifrithe's children as follows: To her eldest son Thomas Huckstepp 15 pounds, and to her other son John Huckstepp 30 pounds. If John die, reversion to his sons Stephen and Nathanaell, equally divided, at the age of twenty-one. To her eldest daughter Joane, widow of Robert Numan late of Crayford deceased, 20s. Chapman, and to her children at twenty-one 10s. To my sister Katherine's children as follows: to her eldest son John Dunke 10 pounds and to each of his children 40s.

To her second son, William Dunke, 20 pounds. To her youngest son, Daniel Dunk, 30 pounds. To her daughter Ann, wife of Robert Glover, a silver spoon and to each of her children 40s.

To my sister, Ellynor Chittenden, 22s, and to her children as follows: To her eldest son, Thomas Chittenden 30 pounds, to her second son John Chittenden 50 pounds, to her youngest son, William Chittenden 30 pounds.

To her son Nathaniel Chittenden's son, Nathaniel, 20 pounds at twenty-one. To my wife's sister's daughter Elizabeth Pargiter a silver spoon and a 'spurr Ryall. To Stephen Huckstep 'my books of Mr. To Mr. Warren of Sandwich late lecturer of Benenden 3 pounds. Lotropp late mynister of Eggerton fforty shillings. To James Willes 10s. To Thomas, son of my brother Thomas Philpott of Roster, 20s.

To my uncle Peeter Ware 5 pounds. To John Hatch of Mayfile [Mayfield, Sussex], my brother William Hatch's eldest son, certain household goods [named] and a feather bed which was my own father's. The residue of all my goods to the said John Hatch, sole executor. My Will regarding all my lands. My messuage, buildings, and lands in Tenterden on the dens of Elarinden, Ealvinden, Shrobcot, Donny, and Preston, and my gardens and lands in Tenterden to John Hatch, son of my brother William, he paying my debts, legacies, and the following annuities: To wife Dorothy 4 pounds a year jointure and a further twenty pounds a year for life.

To my brother William Hatch's son Thomas and his daughter Elizabeth Soane 4 pounds a year each for liffe. To Joane Numan, sister Wynifrith's daughter, 40s. If John Hatch die before the legacies be paid, my loving cousins John Huckstepp, William Hatch, William Donck, and John Chittenden to sell my lands on the dens of Donny and Shrobscot, and to each of them for their pains 10 pounds : After the legacies and annuities are paid, the remainder of the money to John Hatch, son of my said cousin [nephew], John Hatch.

Record of probate unfinished. Consistory of Canterbury, Vol. Female Ware ca. This includes two of his fathers patents; acres on 29 Nov from Henry Madison, and acres on 22 Sep for 6 headrights. The remaining 20 acres were purchased by Edward on 12 Novgiving him a total of acres.

This reveals Edward received his portion of his father's estate during his father's lifetime. Fromhe was granted a license to keep an ordinary near Conway's Warehouse in Caroline Co. Frances Ware ca. Matthew Branch, Sr. Gouch of Henrico Co. Matthew received 50 acres of land in Henrico County in Octoberpaid taxes on acres of land inand bought acres of land from John Tulit in March Mary's Parish, Caroline Co.

A deed names his brother Edward as the son of Nicholas Ware, this deed states Nicholas Ware purchased land from Henry Madison in A Essex Co. This land was adj. A Caroline County court ordered him to assist with building a new road.

He was to have Gabriel Long, [son of Richard who m. In John Buckner of Essex Co. In he was granted acres in the fork of the Rapidan River in St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania Co. In Nicholas was appointed Constable in Caroline Co. In he mentioned in his will his sons Edward and Nicholas; John Dillard is identified as the writer. Her securities were James Powell and Silvanus Sanders.

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After Edward's death, she married Col. James Lindsay b. Edward purchased land in in Orange Co. Henry Ware, b. VA, son of Valentine Ware, Jr. His will names his brother John and son Markham b. Markham married Clara Lindsay, niece of Col. James Lindsay who married Lucy, was the widow of his brother Edward Ware. James Lindsay was widow of Sarah Daniel bap. Mary's father, Robert Williams, of Essex, made a deed of gift to his step-children, "when my son-in-law William Daniel shall see fit.

His brother Edward Ware originally purchased this same property from Richard Mauldin in Information helping to identify three sons of Valentine Ware, Jr. His wife and brother John Ware are named executors. Later his children, Markham, Jane and Elizabeth, sell this property, and the description is identical to land purchased in by Edward Ware, spouse of Lucy, from Richard Mauldin.

Records White, Rowland Lurs. Bour, Wm. Bryan, Fran. Cooke, Agnes Buck, James Haines. Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. I, Page Williamsburg Historical Research Center.

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William Cleyborne sic ; beg. Dorwoods sic and Nico. Wards sic old pattent is good to Richd.

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Ward and used for this pattent. Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. Edward Cardingbrook; over the Indian Cabin Meadow; by br. Biggs to the Silk Grass Meadow; to Mr. Book 7, Page Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book 7, Page Fowler, Tho. Hay, James Frier.


Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Bk 7, p. Henry Biggs; by Mr. Henry Ware and several of his sons were active in the Revolutionary War in fighting for American Independence, and his son, Nicholas Ware, as a reward for his part in the war, had received several hundred acres of good land in Lincoln County, Georgia, which formed the nucleus of the Ware property, to which many acres were added in the years to follow.

Mary Matthews Ware, the grandmother of Joseph B. Ware, was descended from another old Colonial Virginia family, the first immigrant of this family being Governor Samuel Matthews, one time Governor of Virginia around As far as family and pedigree was concerned, the Ware of Lincoln County did not have to bow their heads to anyone.

But they were the kind of people who were not like the "newly rich," having to impress others of their worth. They were so accustomed and so sure of themselves as to be quite unimpressed with it and to be among the truly big people of the community in a humble and unassuming way. They were not the rist people of the county, but they ranked among the "top quality" as the negroes used to say of them.

The slaves in the old days were as conscious of the standing of their masters as were the masters, and as proud to belong to "quality folks. The first ancestors of our line lived in King and Queen County and belonged to Stratton-Major Parish, attending the church there. A seating plan of this old colonial church shows the Ware pews. The church was founded in and members of the Ware family were among the very first communicants.

Several members of the family were vestrymen of the Parish. Nicholas Ware, the first ancestor who lived in Stratton-Major Parish had married Jenny Garrett, and they settled there in A son of theirs, Nicholas Ware, Jr. He lived in St. Mary's Parish and attended St. Mary's Church. He died in in Caroline county, and left two sons named Henry and Nicholas.

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Henry and Nicholas Ware, sons of Nicholas of St. He was hanged for his deed, but nothing could restore the Colonial records that told of the early days of New Kent, an enormous county in the 's, and the counties that were formed after Toward the end of the Civil War a number of counties had sent the records that began after the fire of to Richmond for safekeeping.

These, also, were completely destroyed by fire when Federal forces burned Richmond in April of All that remains of this burned county, ravaged by two wars, are a few records collected by Beverley Fleet many years ago, the Quit Rent Rolls ofthe priceless abstracts of land patents compiled by Nell Nugent, and the valuable Vestry Book of Stratton Major Parish, transcribed and edited by C.

Chamberlayne in In his brother, Peter Ware, patented land adj. A deed mentions John Garrett being adj. This land is centered between the existing King and Queen Co. Colonial law in America states that full majority was read at the age of 21 and over to perform unrestricted legal actions such as buying land.

In order for this Nicholas to be her son, Ann would need to become his mother by age 15, while all four of her sisters are known to have married after the age of William Claiborne. William Claiborne was given command of a militia inwhich effectively removed all Indians living at the head of the York River, sending them completely out of the region. To compensate Col. Claiborne for loss of land in Kent Island later Marylan which was taken from him and given to the Calvert's, inhe was granted 5, acres at the former site of the Indian town he had annihilated in This land was located on the Pamunkey River where it joins the Mattaponi to form the York.

Nicholas received a total of acres from Henry Madison. He received acres inand an additional acres soon after. Inthousands of New Englander's were massacred by hostile Indians, and residents of the Virginia Colony became convinced the Indians in their region intended to do the same. The Susquehannock, a powerful tribe that moved into the area, started raiding plantations in the winter ofafter an attack by settlers claiming a white servant had been killed by a Doeg Indian.

The peaceful Ocaneee Indians, who continued living on the shore of the Matteponi, were forced to flee after an attack by Nathaniel Bacon in Bacon was able to rally numerous settlers, and acting without the consent of the colony, captured or killed most of the tribe.

Berkeley ordered him captured, and in September Bacon mard on Jamestown itself and burned the capital to the ground.

John Sudley's grandson, also John Sudeley, died in holding the manor of Griff, worth ?8 a year, in which Thomas of Merynton held 1 / 7 of a knight's fee. He also held the right of presentation to Arbury Priory. His heirs were Thomas Boteler, son of his sister Joan, and Margery his younger sister. 9/16/  Alice Keppel became Edward VII's mistress in , when she was aged just 29 and he was 57, and remained the favourite of Queen Victoria's son until his death 12 years later. 2/2/  Exterior of the World of Glass Museum in St Helens. Photo by James Maloney. At the museum there are a couple of galleries to view. One is the Glass Roots Gallery which makes clear how glass has.

Bacon died of dysentery the following month and the rebellion collapsed. After the attack, the remaining tribe members accepted their fate, and their leader, Anne, wife of the slain tribal leader Totopotomi, moved them to the Mattaponi Indian Reservation, located on the south bank of the Mattaponi River in King William Co. The tribe was granted land by the government, which was the only lasting agreement the Indians made with Colonial Virginia.

The Indians remained an ever-present threat during this time, but to a lesser degree. Pirates were another threat that plagued the early settlers. Many sought land grants on streams away from the Rappahannock for fear of pirates. The pirates harassed the Virginia coast and inland waters in the interest of Holland, who was at war with England.

Settlers moved to New Kent Co. Stratton-Major Parish established in Valentine Ware, Sr. InValentine Ware, Sr. Nathaniel Bacon, son of Rev. Nathaniel Bacon's estate was quite extensive, owning property in both Virginia and England, and would have been a difficult task to administer for the most experienced.

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His estate was originally intended for his cousin, Nathaniel Bacon the rebel, but his cousin's untimely death indictated he leave his estate to his niece, Abigail Smith.

The Bassett family owned acres in bounding east and west on the Chickahominy north to Pattococok, York Co. Duringthe royal government, at Jamestown, authorized the construction of the first fort for protection from the Indians to be built on the upper reas of the Mattaponi River, in what is now present-day Caroline Co. Settlement of all the river valleys in Caroline soon followed.

Most were a fiercely independent lot, stubbornly holding on to their homesteads. Flaunting the rule of the English King, they became the first Colonial citizens to sever official ties with Great Britain, making important contributions to the history of the United States. Landowners who controlled vast estates used thousands of African Slaves to till the land, and were opposed to further migration of white settlers. Robert Beverley, a wealthy landowner, instituted crop rotation, made permanent improvement in his fields, imported grapevines from England and developed his own strains of wine, stated to be the best in the colony.

He also improved livestock, and his interest in horses was to lay the foundation for horse racing in Caroline Co. William Dudley, Sr. Sir William Berkeley seized fifteen hogsheads of tobacco to his own use, prays restitution. His Majesty being very sensible that many of his poor subjects there must have suffered many hardships in that calamitous time, and desiring they may be restored to all they can justly lay a claim to orders that said petition and papers annexed be referred to Lords of Trade and Plantations for their report when his Majesty will declare his further pleasure.

Son of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, he assisted his father in a plan to secure Lady Jane Grey's succession to the throne in John Dudley had taken great trouble to charm and influence King Edward VI; his powerful position as Lord President of the Council was based on his personal ascendancy over the King. However, the young King was ailing. Edward accepted Jane as his heir and, on his death inJane assumed the throne. Despite the Council recognizing her claim, the country rallied to Mary, Catherine of Aragon's daughter and a devout Roman Catholic.

Jane reigned for nine days and was later executed, as was her husband in Robert Dudley was condemned to death when the sme failed, but later pardoned. Robert Dudley's dashing personality and good looks made him Elizabeth's favorite courtier from her accession in At one time, Elizabeth considered marrying him had not his wife, Amy Robsart, died under unusual circumstances in Many suspected Dudley had murdered her, but there was no evidence to implicate him, nor did he lose influence with the queen.

3/4/  Captain Stabbin' Cabin. Liverpool's first Town Hall-the town council used to meet in the common hall from -was built in at the bequest of Rev. John Crosse, and was located in the block bounded by High Street, Dale Street and Exchange Street East. The building was replaced in by a new Town Hall, partly built on the site occupied by the current building. 6/30/  The McLennan County Sheriff's Office says an undercover investigation has led to 45 arrests of people related to some form of prostitution and human trafficking.

He was given Kenilworth Castle, near Coventry, in and ennobled in Elizabeth later tried to marry him to Mary, Queen of Scots, who rejected the proposal. Inhe succeeded in alienating Elizabeth by marrying the widow of the 1st Earl of Essex. Queen Elizabeth never married and became known as the "Virgin Queen," and the namesake for the Virginia Colony. Abt m. John Ware, b. James Ware, b. George Todd, his son Nicholas b. Elizabeth Ware, b. Their son Edward Garrett, Jr. Edward Ware, b.

Lettice "Letty" Powell 6. Henry Ware, Sr. VA at age Sarah Ware was named in the will of her father John Munday dated 27 Octand her husband Nicholas Ware is mentioned in several estate documents. His brother John Ware married her sister Mary Munday. Sarah Ware possibly died abt. Henry Ware b. Reuben Ware, m. Susan Graves. KY and died in Reuben was born in and married Susan Graves.

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George Waller. XXXIV, p. May Sarah Ware b. From Garrett, Catlett, Ware, and related families, p. He died in the Ninety-Six District. In in Caroline Co. Caroline Co. Wills and Deeds. Robert Dudley, and Margaret Daniel m. Charles "Chuck" Tucker was doing a search for Tucker and found this listing: Ware-Tucker-Turnbull family Bible record, microform and Miscellaneous reelwhich contained a wealth of information. In the will of John Munday dated 27 OctSt. Ann's Parish, Essex Co. Harrison and John Munday appraised the estate of Baldwin Collown.

Mary's Parish in Essex Co. Mary's in Essex Co. Essex Co. Deeds and Wills No. Stephen's Parish, Spotsylvania Co. Virginia Co. III, p. Mary's Parish near Ware's bridge adj.

Signed John Buckner. Virginia Patent Book 13, p.

Mary's Parish in Caroline Co. Mark's Parish of Spotsylvania Co. Loren Morris, of San Antonio, who allegedly has up 15 prostitutes working for her, could also face federal charges.

Elijah Muhammad, who was arrested in a previous sting conducted by the McLennan County Sheriff's Office, was also caught this time for allegedly trying to hire a prostitute. Members of UnBound, an organization that fights human trafficking helped some of the victims of this sting with services, including immediate needs, volunteer legal services, counseling and connection to an after care home.

According to Peters, a coalition has been formed to fight human trafficking in the community. Kennedy Bivins - Prostitution, failure to identify, aggravated promotion of prostitution, money laundering.

Loren Morris - Aggravated promotion of prostitution, engaging in organized criminal activity, resisting arrest. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. During World War II the port would see convoys of up to 50 ships and over 4, troops pass through it, over 90 acres of the docks and warehousing would be totally destroyed and another 90 acres put out of use due to enemy bombing.

Innovation in transport in the era included the Liverpool-East Lancashire Roa designed by John Alexander Brodie opened in it was the first purpose-built inter-city highway in the UK. Another area of innovation was Speke Airportit is in the south of the city, the art deco former terminal building, designed by Edward Bloomfield, who also designed the hangar 1then at feet wide by feet long the world's largest.

Speke was the first provincial airport in the UK, opened inand its restored terminal has been described as "still the most coherent example of the first generation of purpose-built airports remaining in Europe.

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Another innovation in transport was the road tunnel under the River Mersey known as the Queensway Tunnelbuilt - His style is Stripped Classicism with occasional Art Deco elements. Another office complex is Exchange Flags by Gunton and Gunton, first phase complete with World War II raging the basement was adapted in to house Commander-in-Chief, Western Approas now the Western Approas Museumand only completed in after construction paused during war, it replaced a Victorian building of the same name by Thomas Henry Wyatt that had been built - Another office building oh the period is the former Bank of British West Africa c.

Shennan, now student accommodation. Honeyburne and the Roman Catholic St. Matthew's, Clubmoor by Francis X. Velarde All three architects were graduates of the University of Liverpool.

Miller is built with hyperbolic ars. Arnold Thornely extended and remodelled the interior of the Walker Art Gallery - Liverpool Empire Theatre in a classical style designed by W. Milburn built from Portland stone.

The private members club the Liverpool Athenaeum was rebuilt in by Harold Dod. Hutchins, in the same style is the former Forum Cinemathat was builtto designs by William R. The city's major concert hall the Philharmonic Halldesigned by Herbet J. Rowse, the building has some art-deco decoration. A notable example of interwar council housing is St. During the World War II Liverpool was a strategic target and was subject to the heavy aerial bombing known as the Liverpool Blitzthis resulted in extensive damage and destruction both of people and buildings.

The greatest architectural loss was The Custom Housethe then Liverpool Museum was gutted by incendiary bombs in and the interior rebuilt by the city architect Ronald Bradbury. In the centre of the city the area south of Derby Square and Lord Street had been largely destroyed in the bombing.

This radical plan called for the demolition of two-thirds of the City Centre, due to the post-war economic decline of the city little progress was made. Merseyside Development Corporation was set up inthis led to Liverpool International Garden Festival to help kick start the desperately needed regeneration of the still declining city, this led onto the restoration of the Albert Dock in the s.

The need for extra road capacity to link Liverpool to the Wirral led to the construction of the Kingsway Tunnel - The M62 motorway constructed between and M57 motorway would be a major addition to the City's transport links. The post-war period saw the construction of the city's last major dock Seaforth Dockopened in During this decade Modern architecture made little progress in Liverpool, pre-war Stripped Classicism still being in vogue.

One of the first buildings erected to replace a building destroyed in the blitz, was the department store Lewis'serecte designed by Gerald de Courcy Fraser. Of a similar style is Pearl Assurance House c. Reinforced concrete with pre-stressed concrete floor with a Parabolic tunnel vault - John's Shopping Centre built in stages fromdesigned by James A.

Roberts, covering over 6 acres 2. St John's Market of Standing feet metres tall, it was the tallest free-standing structure in Liverpool for decades. The University of Liverpool expanded in the post-war years, William Holfor authored the plan for the expansion of University. Constructed between - While this is on a smaller scale than the Lutyens' sme, it still manages to incorporate the largest panel of stained glass in the world, by Patrick Reyntiens. This is Liverpool's most famous post-war building.

Metropolitan Cathedral is colloquially also referred to as "Paddy's Wigwam" due to its shape and the vast number of Irishmen who worked on its construction and are living in the area. The Atlantic Tower Hotelsituated on Chapel Street next to Saint Nicholas' Church and near Pier Head, opened in and was designed to resemble the prow of a ship to reflect Liverpool's maritime history. It was in that it order to save money the design for the west front of Liverpool Anglican cathedral was to be simplified, after the architect Giles Gilbert Scott died in his former office manager Frederick Thomas took over as cathedral and he produced the revised design that would be completed in The largest of Liverpool's three mosques is the Al-Rahma mosque in the Toxteth area of the city.

The conversion in the Albert Dock of one of the warehouses into Tate Liverpool by James Stirling was opened init is a rare example in Liverpool of Postmodern architecture.

The post-war era saw major construction of public housing in Liverpool, the number of dwellings constructed were as follows: between; between; between The sme is one of the largest examples of community-architecture smes of the s, the architects were Wilkinson Hindle Halsall Lloyd. Al-Rahma Mosque, Hatherley Street, Toxteth at the left of the photo, the main building was built early s. Liverpool's architectural smes at the beginning of the 21st century are dominated by the city's bid to become the European Capital of Culture in Beating off illustrious competitors like Richard RogersNorman Foster and Edward CullinaninWill Alsop won the so-called Fourth Grace competition for the site and received the go-ahead with his project The Cloud.

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Eventually, the waterfront position in front of the Cunard Building was taken by the Pier Head Ferry Terminal which was the winner of the Carbuncle Cup for "the ugliest building in the United Kingdom completed in the last 12 months". Other recent buildings in the dock areas include the Echo Arena Liverpool and BT Convention Centre which officially opened on 12 January in King's Dock immediately south of Albert Dock, and West Towernorth-east of Pier Head, which at 40 storeys is currently Liverpool's tallest building, but soon to be dwarfed by the planned skyscrapers of Liverpool Waters.

Situated in the northern docks, the Liverpool Waters redevelopment led to Liverpool's recently acquired status of World Heritage Site coming under scrutiny. In recent years a number of creative architectural practices have been responsible for a number of innovative projects to revitalise the unused architectural fabric of the city.

Both of these projects were by Liverpool design practice Union North. The largest development in central Liverpool in the 21st century is Liverpool One. In the future the Liverpool Waters sme is a year plan that promises to transform the northern docks stretching from the Pier Head to Bramley-Moore Dock. As part of the sme Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium has been proposed.

Hilton Hotel, by Squire and Partners architects - West TowerBrook Street, by Aedas Mann Island Buildingsby Broadway Malyan Liverpool's inner city has Georgian terraced streets.

Wellington Rooms to the right, Royal Liver Building in the distance. A variety of architectural styles are present on the Strand in Liverpool city centre. Liverpool has a long tradition of academic analysis in the field of architecture, being home to both the first School of Architecture officially The City of Liverpool School of Architecture and Applied Art founde the school was funded by both Liverpool City Council and what was then known as the University College Liverpool.

The following were the civil engineers that were appointed Dock Engineer to the Port of Liverpoolthat oversaw the building of the dock system between and increasing the system from about 4 to acres.

A notable civil engineer John Hawkshaw worked with Jesse Hartley on the docks. The following held the post of Surveyor to Liverpool Corporation, that included designing buildings for the city :.

The Illustrated London News 23rd Sept.

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Indeed, all the remains point in the other direction. Hence the real greatness of Elmes' achievement". Charles Herbert Reilly "Judging from his numerous perspective skets, Elmes had the ability to rapidly design a building in perspective; not only did he prepare numerous skets of the exterior, but also perspective views of the interior of the great loggia, and various other features.

His full-size details, although Classic in spirit, are essentially modern in character; every suite of mouldings received due consideration as to its placing, and its ultimate relation to the sme as a whole.

Nothing could surpass the beauty of the Neo-Grec ornament selected for terminating the dominating attic. The whole building fulfils the highest canons of the academic style, and is unsurpassed by any other modern building in Europe". Albert Richardson. Clair, Huron, Michigan and Superior. The extent and solidity of these structures seemed equal to what I had read of the old Pyramids of Egypt In magnitude, cost and durability, the docks of Liverpool, even at the present day surpass all others in the world For miles, you may walk along that riverside, passing dock after dock, like a chain of immense fortresses The impression of vastness, strength and height no words can describe Suddenly one sees that the greatest art of architecture, that lifts one up and turns one into a king, yet compels reverence, is the art of enclosing space.

The choice was a stroke of genius. It makes the cemetery the most romantic in England and forms an ideal foil for the cathedral next to it.

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This is probably the grandest such suite of civic rooms in the country, an outstanding and complete example of late Georgian decoration Petersburg, the best proportioned rooms in Europe" Prince of Wales. Only three bays wide, but overwhelmingly massive and powerful. Meek, The Synagogue Several buildings by John Foster Sr. Foster was involved in the design of the Borough GaolGreat Howard Street, closed in on the opening of Walton Gaol ; [55] behind the Town Hall, Exchange Buildings was a large classical style office building possibly a joint work with James Wyatt, demolished and replaced by a building of the same name in French Renaissance style by Thomas Henry Wyattand this was in its turn was demolished and replaced by the current building in Foster designed the Liverpool Corn Exchange in Brunswick Street, it was later replaced in the s by a larger building.

John Foster Jr. John's Shopping Centre ; the Moorish Arch,spanned the railway tracks into Lime Street Station, demolished ; the facade of Lime Street Railway Station lasted about 10 years before the station was rebuilt. St Georges's Church built on the site of Liverpool Castle by Thomas Steers, rebuilt by Foster, due to subsidence, classical in style, it had an impressive tower and spire demolished and the Queen Victoria Memorial, Derby Square stands on the site.

A third church was St Catherine's on the east side of Abercromby Square, [37] it was bombed during the Second World War and demolished in On the Pier Head, Foster designed George's Baths a salt-water swimming baths in classical style, opene it had separate men's and women's facilities and was the UK's first publicly owned swimming baths, they were demolished c.

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See the Manual of Style on use of images. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Catherine House, 96 Upper Parliament Street c. Shaw Street, Everton, several of the houses individually listed c.

Clare Terrace, Marmaduke Street, Kensington c. Royal Institution, Colquitt Street c. Main article: St. Main articles: Port of Liverpool and Albert Dock. Transit Shed, Toxteth Dock, converted to offices c. Former Adelphi Bank, by W. Workshop for the Outdoor Blind, Cornwallis Street ; unlisted.

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Main article: Alfred Waterhouse. Walker Engineering Laboratory, University of Liverpool ; unlisted. Former Pearl Assurance Building, St. John's Lane ; Grade II. Former Exchange Railway Station. Tithebarn Street ; Grade II. Main article: Parks and open spaces in Liverpool.

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