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Scammers know how to play to your weaknesses and toy with your mind. According to the Better Business Bureauthis all takes place in three phases. Through online dating websites, apps, and other social media, scammers contact their victims via fake profiles paid for with stolen credit cards. As soon as they make contact, they quickly try to move the conversation to another platform, like text messaging, or email. They do this so they can earn your trust away from the prying eyes of the dating site hoping to identify scammers.

His texting habits were doubag consistent. It doubag like he was giving me mixed messages, keeping me on my toes.

Westford, MA - Board of Selectmen, April 7th, 2020

What finally made me stop giving this guy my the and affection was when I texted him to ask for help because my car was stuck on the highway. I got no reply for days.

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