Pity, that bismarck hook up spots advise

I have friends with boats, my dad and neighbors have boats, and I get plenty of offers to go along or even borrow a boat. I recently took a call from a guy who was concerned that Game and Fish was focusing too much attention on access via boat and overlooking the legions of shore anglers in the state. While the high-volume fishing sites, such as Lake Sakakawea, Missouri River and Devils Lake, require Game and Fish and other organizations to spend a lot of effort to provide access, all is not forgotten for shore anglers on smaller bodies of water. If you haven't visited a favorite smaller fishing water for a few years, you might be surprised at the improvements and amenities provided, some of which are described on the Game and Fish Department website at gf. By spending a few minutes researching the fishing section of the website, you might discover a nearby fishing destination you've never visited, but which may suit your needs to wet a line and drown a few worms. From shore, mobility to get at fish in deep water is limited, but the solution is simply adjusting expectations to fall in line with what shore fishing opportunities provide.

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