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The Pontiac Fiero is just one of those cars that gets a bad rap. It was never quite as good as it seemed on paper, but its poor standing among mid-engine sports cars is more a result of its often shoddy transformation into European exotics. It may seem like all Fieros have met this fate , but alas, that isn't so. In fact, the final Fiero that rolled off the line has been preserved for history. Its interior is still festooned with the pre-delivery plastic, the entire exterior of the car is immaculate, and to say it hasn't been used much would be an understatement; it has just miles on the odometer. Since it's the last Fiero GT built, it's also the most well-sorted. It has the best suspension and the most powerful, 2.

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Put on protective gear. Glasses, gloves, and other protective gear is a good precaution. Hydrogen released within the battery quickly converts to a gas and expands, this can cause the battery to explode if venting mechanisms fail. Once the hydrogen is in contact with the oxygen in the air, it is highly flammable and can be ignited even by static electricity. Turn off all vehicle accessories. These accessories draw power from the battery and should be turned off before removing or charging the battery.

Locate your battery. Most batteries will be found either under the hood of the vehicle or in the trunk. It is also possible that your battery may be under the rear seat, and sometimes the battery can only be accessed from underneath the side of the car.

Identify the positive and grounded posts on your battery. Compare the diameters of the battery posts.

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For most batteries, the positive post is thicker than the negative post. If the battery cables are connected to the posts, note the color of the cables.

The cable connected to the positive post should be red, while the cable connected to the negative post should be black. Disconnect the vehicle battery cables. Disconnect the grounded terminal negativethen the ungrounded terminal positive before removing the battery. Remove the battery from the vehicle. Some vehicles require that you remove the battery before charging, others do not. You can charge the battery inside the boat only if you have a charger and other equipment that is specifically meant for doing so.

Full hook up in pontiac

This will avoid putting pressure on the battery ends and forcing battery acid out of the vent caps, as might happen if you carry it in your hands. Part 2 of Clean the battery terminals. Use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean any corrosion off the terminals and neutralize any sulfuric acid that may have spilled on them.

You can apply the mixture with an old toothbrush.

Alternatively, you can clean off mild corrosion by using a wire brush. Auto parts stores even sell a special round wire brush that fits over the terminals. Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth right after cleaning the terminals. Wash your hands immediately. Do not touch any white gunk that may appear on the terminals, as this is congealed sulfuric acid.

Pontiac Firefly (-, rebadged vrolet Sprint/Geo Metro/Suzuki Cultus, Canada) Pontiac G2 ( (Mexico only, and Mexico made), rebadged vy Spark after that in the US. Pontiac G3 (- (Mexico), rebadged vrolet Aveo/Daewoo Gentra) Pontiac G4 (-, rebadged vrolet Cobalt, Mexico).   PCV hook up I Think goes in that big port in the back of the carb along the bottom if you dont have one on your manifold.(full large manifold vacuum). On the right front is the ported manifold vacuum, which goes to the distributor advance. On the front left,is a small manifold vacuum nipple,use it if you need it, or plug it.   Campgrounds with full hookups include a sewer connection on the RV site, allowing the tanks to be dumped as needed without leaving the campsite. Cable Television and Phone.

Pour in enough distilled water to reach the fill level on each battery cell. Pouring water into your battery cells disperses hydrogen gas from the cell. Do not use tap water as it will damage your battery over time. Most U. If your battery does not have flame-arresting caps, put a wet cloth across the top of the caps. Place the charger as far from the battery as its cables will allow.

This will reduce the possibility of damage to the unit from any airborne sulfuric acid vapor. Never place the charger directly above or below the battery. Set the charger to deliver the correct voltage. This is done by adjusting the voltage output selector, usually on the front of the charging unit. If your charger has an adjustable rate of charge you should start at the lowest rate. Connect one charger clip to the positive post on the battery. This step is the same whether the battery is removed from the vehicle for charging or not.

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Connect the second charger clip to ground. There are two different cases for connecting the ground. This prevents arcing at the battery terminal and will not run the risk of causing the battery to explode.

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Clipping the grounding cable directly to the negative battery terminal can be dangerous. If the battery has been removed from the vehicle, you should connect a jumper cable or insulated battery cable at least 24 ins 60 cm long to the grounded post.

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Then, connect the battery charger clip for the grounded post to this cable. This allows you to be away from the battery when you complete the circuit in case it explodes.

It is also a good idea not to be facing the battery when you connect the charger to the jumper cable. Plug the charger into an outlet. The charger should be equipped with a grounded plug three pronged plug and should be plugged into a properly grounded outlet three prong outlet.

An adapter should not be used. Use an extension cord only if absolutely necessary. If an extension cord is necessary, it should be a grounded three pronged extension cord and be the proper wire size to accommodate the amperage of the charger.

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An adapter should not be used between the charger and extension cord or the extension cord and the wall. Most RV parks provide a mix of both types of hookups, although amp power is often more expensive.

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Some campgrounds provide only amp service. Electric hookups are available at all designated RV parks and many campgrounds that cater to both RVs and tent campers. The water typically comes from the municipal water supply or a campground well and is considered potable, or safe to drink. Water hookups are provided at all but the most remote or primitive campgrounds. RVs have built-in holding tanks that contain gray water from sinks and showers, as well as black water from the toilet.

A dump station is a place to dump the holding tanks, but it is necessary to either drive the RV to the dump station or use a portable waste tank to transfer the contents. Campgrounds with full hookups include a sewer connection on the RV site, allowing the tanks to be dumped as needed without leaving the campsite. I strongly suggest avoiding budget offerings.

I have witnessed significant quality issues and would never use one on my own engine. MSD has been producing external ignition control boxes for several years. It fi res the spark plugs in each cylinder multiple times per crankshaft revolution at low to moderate engine speeds, and one very intense spark at speeds above that.

The digital processor provides constant and reliable operation at all engine speeds for extended periods. A separate box that offers many of the same options, but digitally retards spark timing is also available. I have found that all available functions perform as intended.

Pontiac Grand Prix - Front Seat Removal and Installation - Full Size Edition

A unit like this from Pertronix offers top-quality construction and internal electronics. The aftermarket unit fits and functions just like an original, and it even accepts the factory wiring. You might find yourself time and money ahead purchasing such an example as opposed to hunting for a used original in excellent condition. MSD offers a few different ignition control boxes that use a digital processor to accurately and reliably fire the spark plugs multiple times at low to moderate engine speeds.

That improves idle quality and low-speed street manners, particularly in applications where a radical camshaft dilutes the incoming mixture with residual exhaust gas.

  The Last Pontiac Fiero Ever Built Is Going Up for Sale for the First Time The Fiero GT has averaged just 18 miles per year since ByPeter Holderith October 7, . Pontiac wiring colors and locations for car alarms, remote starters, car stereos, cruise controls, and mobile navigation systems. This Tech Tip is From the Full Book, TRANS AM & FIREBIRD RESTORATION: /2 - For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK HERE. SHARE THIS ARTICLE: Please feel free to share this article on Facebook, in Forums, or with any Clubs you participate in.

The 6AL box contains an adjustable rev limiter to prevent engine damage from operating past its redline. Pertronix offers a stand-alone small-body electronic ignition system that simply requires a volt power source and canister type coil for normal operation.

Full Hook Ups On All Lots. Long Term Welcome. RV Park Open 24 Hours Year Round! Full Hook Ups On All Lots. Monthly Rates. Camp Lord Willing RV Park adivasihunkar.com Year Round - Free WIFI - Long Term Sites Available - Full Hookups on All Sites. This Tech Tip is From the Full Book, HOW TO BUILD MAX-PERFORMANCE PONTIAC V-8S. For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK HERE. SHARE THIS ARTICLE: Please feel free to share this article on Facebook, in Forums, or with any Clubs you participate in. For lakeside camping on Bull Shoals Lake, stay at Pontiac Campground and enjoy a full-service campground with electric hookups, water, rest rooms, showers, and a dump station, a picnic area and playground, all within walking distance of Pontiac Cove Marina and Just Jackie's Restaurant. We are located in Ozark County in Southern Missouri.

A unit like this may be the answer. The main shaft is larger than stock and floats on sealed roller bearings, and the internal electronics are of the highest quality.

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It requires a separate coil and ignition control box for normal operation. It comes with various springs and limiting bushings that allow for easy advance adjustments. MSD now includes a vented cap to and a special coating on certain internals to reduce such issues.

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A vacuum advance canister makes it an excellent choice for street applications. MSD recently added a fully adjustable internal rev limiter.

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The internal electronics are quite reliable and the advance mechanism is fully adjustable and includes the appropriate components to provide peak performance in your particular application. In addition to its popular ignition control boxes, MSD offers two popular distributors.

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Its Pro-Billet model features billet-aluminum construction and a hardened main shaft that rides on ball bearings. Its centrifugal advance mechanism is fully adjustable and can be locked for use in race applications with or without a crank trigger, or when a digital-retard box is used.

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It does, however, require the use of an MSD box and canister coil. MSD offers a Pro-Billet-style Ready- To-Run distributor that contains all the same design features as the original, but has an internal module that offers standalone operation and includes a vacuum advance canister, which can improve its effectiveness for street-driven applications.

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It uses an aluminum wheel affixed to the harmonic damper to sense magnetic pulses that trigger ignition firing. MSD offers an excellent crank trigger assembly, which uses high-quality electronics and a CNC-machined bracket for maximum stability and control.

When using a crank trigger of any type, the distributor advance mechanism must be locked out and all timing adjustments made on the aluminum trigger wheel. The wheel contains small magnets that an electronic sensor detects, telling the ignition control box when to fire the spark plug.

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