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Receiving a different benefit?

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If you are receiving one of the the newly introduced benefits, you may also qualify for funding:. Armed forces independence payment Attendance allowance Carer's allowance Disability living allowance Severe disablement allowance. War pensions mobility supplement Industrial injuries disablement benefit Personal independence payment Constant attendance allowance Or Receive Child Benefits.

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Number of qualifying children for which the person is responsible:. For more information or to discuss your eligibility for any of the grants, please get in touch or leave your details below and one of team will contact you.

A wise man once said: "You never truly realize how dirty something is until you power wash it!" We here at Electric Green quickly learned that as well. Using our Electric AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer, our team can power wash your siding, steps, concrete, driveway, sidewalks, windows, patios and patio furniture at your convenience. We've helped thousands of homes over the last 6 years access funding to install energy improvements in their home. Finding the right solution for your property ensuring your save money in the process, get in touch for more information. Greenlawn often recommends power raking - sometimes called "dethatching" or even "thatching" - as one way to address an excessive buildup of thatch in your lawn. Let the pros at Greenlawn Landscape Management diagnose whether your lawn requires power raking. The other method to address excessive thatch buildup, along with compacted soils, is core aeration. Greenlawn is frequently.

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In times of high heat or drought, it serves as an insulating layer. But when thatch builds up to a thickness greater than a half-inch, it may start to deprive the soil and the roots of your grass of sufficient moisture, air and nutrients, including the fertilizers applied by Greenlawn.

A suffocating environment favors the development of fungi and lawn diseases and is a breeding ground for insect pests. Power raking is the most efficient method of dethatching a lawn and is a job best left to the pros of Greenlawn and our specialized equipment.

The best time of year for power raking is spring or fallwhen temperatures are cooler and rainfall more plentiful, because under those conditions your lawn will recover rather easily. What causes thatch?

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