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Share This Link. View All Photos. View larger map and directions on Google Maps. Save This Home. Popular complex near shopping, restaurants, freeway. Located in beautiful setting near rear of complex nice front lawn area. Alpine Meadows boast Tennis Court, pool, spa and recreation building. Copper plumbing. This unit has been leased out for 17 years, needs work, i. Time optional Any Morning Afternoon Evening. Get notified if the price changes.

First Name Last Name. Lakefront Campsites with water hookup? Percha Dam Pets allowed?

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Riverfront Campsites with water hookup? Caballo Lake Pets allowed? Boot Hill Rv Resort Pets allowed? Black Bear Group Area Pets allowed? Upper Fir Group Area Pets allowed?

Lower Fir Group Area Pets allowed? n Group Area Pets allowed? City Of Rocks Pets allowed? Cielo Vista Rv Park Pets allowed? Thu Oct Light breeze: 4 mps SE Precip. Light breeze: 7 mps SE Precip. Calm: 3 mps W Precip. Moderate breeze: 15 mps E Precip. Light breeze: 6 mps SE Precip. Camping-Related Businesses in or near Sunland Park. Sorry, no local stores selling camping equipment found.

Our search for stores located in or near Sunland Park produced no mats. Hotels in or near Sunland Park, NM If you can't find the right campsite close enough to Sunland Park or just want a bed to sleep in for a night or two. The inability to control a pet even when on a leash, which results in an injury, is a fineable offense. Droppings shall be removed immediately and disposed of by the owner.

Walking pets on the golf course is prohibited. Cat owners will manage their felines so as to assure they are not being a nuisance to neighbors nor the community at large.

Feeding of wild animals, such as raccoons and deer, etc. Livestock, poultry, or other animals may not be kept or bred in or around any dwelling or common area. Each owner shall advise the office in writing and in advance of occupancy the name, address and phone number of the lessee s. Rentals will be limited to occupancy by one family per single family dwelling and for a period of not less than sixty 60 days without approval of the Board of Directors.

Each owner shall be limited to two sales, one within days of moving in and one any time after the residence is placed on the market for sale. Back to top. Members will conform to published standards in use of fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and barbecues.

Greenbelts are among the common areas maintained for use, benefit, and enjoyment of SLOA members and their guests. Uses other than recreation and enjoyment are not permitted. Use of these facilities is for SLOA members and their guests.

Sunland RV Resorts has chosen the most attractive locations and encourages guests to either enjoy the excitement of the surrounding area or relax in the luxurious comforts of the resort. Guests can expect meticulously maintained facilities, expert hospitality, full hookup sites . Wyngate Street, Sunland, CA (MLS# P) is a Townhouse property with 3 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom and 1 partial bathroom. Wyngate Street is currently listed for $, and was received on September 21, Escondido is Sunland's closest resort to the popular family-friendly attractions including San Diego Zoo Safari Park and Legoland. Escondido is a pet-friendly resort, boasting a new one-third-acre dog park, complete with toys, shade trees and water fountain.

Rules for use are posted at respective facilities. Protecting the evergreen trees is a priority. The Architectural Committee will not approve the removal of healthy trees unless there are special circumstances, such as safety concerns. Windowing cutting limbs from the middle of the tree or topping of a tree is strictly prohibited. Deciduous trees, on private property, may be trimmed by the homeowner as needed. These restrictions also apply to vacant lots and any tree over 20 ft. In making a decision, the Architectural Committee will take into account the impact any action will have on neighboring homeowners.

In cases where trees have grown too large for their location, removal may be approved if the owner agrees to replace the removed tree with an appropriate sized tree. Architectural and Location Prosecution of Work. A homeowner may request an exception to the signs criteria by making such a request in writing to the SLOA Board for their consideration.

A request for a permit or a temporary sign may be made in the same manner. Members in good standing may request copies of the books, records, and papers of SLOA. These requests may be made in writing or in person at the Business Office. Such requests will be processed in a timely manner, not to exceed five 5 workdays. Those requesting copies of the SLOA mailing list will need to sign a statement that the list will not be used for any commercial purposes and that it will not be sold or transferred to any other party.

In no case will email addresses, phone numbers, or renter information be disclosed.

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It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain privacy fences and keep their fences in good repair consistent with the original design and approved installation as stated in Article IV.

In the event such action is not taken as required, SLOA shall have the authority to impose such sanctions as it may deem appropriate and to pursue such legal action as may be considered necessary.

Any owner or resident within the Association who is a registered sex offender must report their sex offender status to the Board immediately upon becoming a member of the Association, or becoming a registered sex offender, whiver comes first.

For the purpose of this policy, a registered sex offender is anyone who is required to register or report to any public entity or to any part of the public that they have committed a sexual offence, regardless of the age or gender of the victim, and whether the offender has, in fact, properly registered or reported. Registered sex offender use of pool or tennis court facilities is not allowed as children are allowed at these facilities at any time.

The Board wishes all pool and tennis court users to keep in mind that the Association does not have the resources to monitor the activities or status of sex offenders within the community.

The Association can only enforce the above policy against those individuals of whom it becomes aware. It is also unable to avoid the risk of those predators that are not known and not required to register. The primary responsibility for the supervision and protection of children is the parent or adult over 18 years of age accompanying those children to the pool or tennis courts.

Please closely supervise your children. WHEREAS, the SunLand Development has developed over a period of years through adoption and recording of various plats, short plats, planned unit developments, and condominium declarations; and. Now, therefore, the following Covenants, Conditions, Reservations, Easements and Restrictions are hereby established and approved with respect to all lots, units, and real property interests. Said properties are more particularly described in Exhibit A attad hereto.

These Covenants amend and supersede in their entirety those Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, Easements and Reservations previously adopted as affecting the properties which are subject hereto; provided, however, the unit owners in Div.

Declarations governing the relationships, rights and responsibilities of those unit owners among themselves and the common areas contained solely within those divisions.

These Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, Easements and Reservations shall run with the land and shall be binding upon the owners of each lot, unit or other real property interest, their heirs, successors and assigns.

Section 1. Section 2. Section 3. Payment of dues and rights secured thereby is not meant to include membership in SunLand Golf and Country Club or its facilities. Section 4.

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Section 5. The common areas shall include those as shown on any final recorded plat accepted and incorporated into the SunLand Development and shall include, but not limited to swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, beach areas, tennis courts, community clubs, open areas, greenbelts and other areas which are open to use by any member of SLOA, his or her family, or guests.

The SunLand golf course shall not be deemed a common area. Section 6.

Section 7. The foregoing is not intended to include those having such interest merely as security for performance of an obligation. Section 8. Section 9. Section Every owner shall have the right and easement of enjoyment and use of all common areas and such right shall pass with the title to every lot or unit, subject to the following provisions:.

A Right of Participation. The right to share or participate in any of the property, assets, privileges, or facilities of the Association shall be extended to all members and to the spouse and children of any member and may be extended to guests under such rules and regulations as SLOA may prescribe.

B Fees. SLOA shall have the right to charge reasonable fees, dues and assessments in conjunction with its operations for use, maintenance, and operation of its facilities and the common areas and as otherwise necessary to carry out its functions. C Penalties. D Liens. Conformance to Plat. All structures erected on any lot or area within any platted subdivision shall conform to the final plat as recorded in the Office of Auditor of Clallam County, State of Washington, insofar as type of structure and intended use be concerned.

Areas within said plat have been laid out for specific use.

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Non-conforming use shall not be permitted within any such area without prior approval of SLOA or its designated committee. Easements and rights-of -way continue to be expressly reserved for creation, construction, and maintenance of utilities, such as gas, water, telephone, electricity, sewers, storm drains, TV cable, public, quasi-public or private, as well as for any public, quasi-public or private utility or function deemed necessary or expedient for public health, safety and welfare.

Such easements or rights-of-way shall be confined to five 5 feet along rear and side of every lot and fifteen 15 feet along the street upon which the lot fronts. No husbandry of either animals or fowl shall be conducted or maintained in the SunLand Development. House pets shall be allowed, provided they do not become a nuisance to others.

No breeding of animals shall be allowed. Upon completion of work, contractor shall remove said sign.

Escondido RV Resort Escondido California CA -

Exceptions to the above limitations may be authorized by the Board for signs of general interest. Such signs may be, but not limited to, signs with regard to meetings, swimming pool notices, and directional signs. Vehicle Parking. Parking of all vehicles on Sunland development streets or common areas is subject to the control of the Board of Directors.

The Board shall publish rules and regulations, under provisions of Article III, Section 8, governing parking and storage of all vehicles on Sunland development streets and common areas in order to preserve the health and safety of homeowners as well as maintain order and quiet enjoyment of properties within the Sunland development.

SunLand Owners Assoc. Office. Fairway Drive, Sequim, WA Phone: Hours: , Monday - Friday. try the craigslist app Android iOS CL. new mexico choose the site nearest you: albuquerque; clovis / portales. Local Camping Resource. Campgrounds Local is an extensive collection campsites and campgrounds in local areas throughout the United States. Our in-depth and comprehensive local camping guides help travelers, campers, hikers, fishers, and outdoors people of all kinds discover new campgrounds, compare camping options and make reservations for campsites easily online.

Overnight home parking in the driveway is also limited to uncovered automobiles only. Boats, trailers, campers, vans equipped for overnight use, motorcycles, RVs, and motor homes shall be stored in the garage, or outside the development such as in the Sunland Storage Yard. Architectural and Location Requirements.

All improvements and structures shall comply with the architectural and location requirements as set forth in Article IV. Authority of SunLand Owners Association.

SLOA shall have the authority to adopt such rules and regulations as are necessary to enforce these Covenants and for the promotion of health, safety and welfare of the owners, residents and guests of SunLand.

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For violations of the above, SLOA shall have the authority to impose such sanctions as it may deem appropriate and to pursue such legal action as may be considered necessary. General Requirements. Prior to the clearing of any lot, approval of the Architectural Committee must be obtained for the removal of trees.

Prior to commencement of any construction, clearing or site work, plans and specifications for all structures and improvements within the SunLand Development must be first submitted to SLOA or its duly appointed Architectural Committee for written approval as to the nature and quality of the proposed workmanship and materials, harmony of external design, size, orientation and location with respect to natural surroundings and existing structures; location with respect to topography and finish grade elevation; height; impact upon view from neighboring properties; and conformity with the general plan for development of SunLand with due regard to preservation of trees.

Proposed tree-removal is to be included with all submissions.

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In reviewing such plans and specifications, SLOA and the Architectural Committee shall recognize that there can be an infinite number of architectural concepts and ideas for development. SLOA shall encourage the formulation of such concepts and ideas.

Nevertheless, for the protection of all owners, SLOA and the Architectural Committee shall make certain any improvement or structure will be consistent with the existing architecture and harmony of the SunLand Development. All construction must conform with County building codes. Committee Make-Up and Authority. An Architectural Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.

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There shall be no less than three 3 members. The Architectural Committee will serve at the pleasure and direction of the Board. Except as otherwise provided herein, a majority, but not less than three 3 members, shall have the authority to act on behalf of the committee without the necessity of a meeting and without consulting the remaining members of the committee.

Architectural Requirements and Guidelines. The Board of Directors shall approve and publish architectural requirements and guidelines, applicable to construction, clearing and site work within the SunLand Development.

Said publication shall include specifications, as set forth herein. Also included will be such additional requirements as may be necessary to create a consistence and harmony in the community as to exterior design, size, orientation and location with respect to natural surroundings and existing structures; location as to topography and finish grade elevation; height; impact upon view from neighboring properties; and preservation of trees.

Application and Building Plans. There will be no verbal approvals or agreements. Requirements for application and necessary accompanying documents shall be determined by the Architectural Committee.

The applicant will be informed in writing of the decision of the committee. The Architectural Committee shall have thirty 30 days from the date of receipt of the completed plans, specifications and application, to approve or reject the same. In the event no such action be taken by the committee within said thirty- 30 day period, then such plans and specifications shall be deemed to have been approved by the committee. A like requirement shall apply in the case of the filing of revised plans and specifications, or plans which provide for the modification, rebuilding, or revision of existing fixtures or structures.

No deviations from the approved plans and specifications will be accepted without prior written approval of the committee.

Final Approval of Completed Construction. Upon completion of any approved construction or improvement, the property owner shall promptly notify the Architectural Committee in writing. The committee shall have a period of thirty 30 days from the date of notice of completion in which to examine and inspect the improvement for the purpose of determining whether it complied with the plans and specifications as approved by the Architectural Committee.

Should the committee determine that the improvement does not comply with the plans and specifications, it shall notify the property owner within such thirty- 30 day period. The property owner shall, within such time as the committee shall specify but not less than: thirty 30 days from the date of noticeeither remove such improvement or alter the same so that it shall comply with the plans and specifications as approved by the committee.

In the event that the committee fails to act within said thirty- 30 day period, the improvement shall conclusively be deemed to conform to such plans and specifications and to have been accepted by the committee. Prosecution of Work.

Sunland Blvd Unit 1, Los Angeles, CA is currently not for sale. The 1, sq. ft. condo is a 3 bed, bath unit. This condo was built in and last sold on 4/30/ for $, View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow.

The construction of all structures shall be prosecuted diligently and continuously from start of construction until exterior of structure is completed. Exterior construction will be completed no later than six 6 months from time approved by the Architectural Committee.

Should construction be interrupted for a period of thirty 30 days or more, the committee may require the site to be cleared of all debris, unsightly material and equipment. All unused building materials shall be stored within or on any partially completed structure or removed from site. Should construction not be resumed within six 6 months, the committee may require that all construction above the first floor deck level, not under roof and enclosed be dismantled and removed from the site.

Wyngate Street, Sunland, CA (MLS# OC) is a Townhouse property with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. Wyngate Street is currently listed for $, and was received on October 28, Nutmeg Park St, Sunland Park, NM, is a single family home for sale listed on the market for days. The schools near Nutmeg Park St include Santa Teresa High School, Santa Teresa. Browse 37 verified apartments for rent near Sunland Christian School ( Leach Street, Los Angeles, CA) and submit your lease application today! verified listings. Available Now. Online Application. Find homes for rent near Sunland Christian School with prices between $ and $!

Exterior of foundation shall be back-filled and the building site graded smooth. Noncompliance may result in the work being done by others with the property owner being assessed for the cost of such work. Any assessment shall be the personal obligation of the owner and shall be a lien against the property under Article VIII. Construction Standards. The following standards shall be used by SLOA and the Architectural Committee in approving building plans and specifications. A Garages and Carports.

All garages must be attad to the dwelling and limited to a total opening width not to exceed twenty- four 24 feet. No new carports will be approved. B Outdoor Decks and Patios. Decks and patios are encouraged. Decks shall be required to comply with building codes. The orientation and location on lots within the division shall be reviewed by the Architectural Committee to see that proposed structures are compatible with the natural surroundings and with other residences in the immediate area.

Property owners shall restrict the height of structures and improvements so that the view of adjacent property owners is preserved to the greatest extent reasonably practical. D Lot Size and Setbacks, Residential.

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No more than one single-family dwelling shall be constructed per lot. Setbacks from front property line, the rear property line, and side lot lines, and location of structure upon corner lots shall be in accordance with regulations and code requirements appertaining thereto as from time to time promulgated by Clallam County, State of Washington.

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No primary structural framing shall extend into the setback. Eaves, decks, pors, or other architectural elements may project no more than 2 feet into the setback.

No outbuildings shall be allowed within the setback areas. Patios at grade level are exempt from these setback restrictions. The minimum size of interior floor space of all single-family units exclusive of garages, breezeways, patios and pors shall be square feet.

Maximum height shall be no more than twenty-three 23 feet from the highest finished grade to peak of the building. F Modification Requirements. Any modification to the exterior of any dwelling or other structure must be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to start of work. G Fences. No fence may exceed six 6 feet in height.

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Chain link fences must be black or dark green. No fences or hedges shall be placed within 20 feet of the property line bordering the golf course. Fences and hedges beyond this boundary are limited to no more than 4 feet in height. All fence designs and materials are subject to the approval of the Architectural Committee.

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H Heat Pumps. Location of heat pumps relative to the building requires prior approval by the Architectural Committee. The committee shall consider aesthetics as well as minimum noise to adjoining properties in its consideration and approval. I Care and Appearance of Premises. The necessity of maintaining the exterior of the residence and keeping grounds of the premises in a neat, clean and attractive manner is important to the community of SunLand.

Property owners are required to keep the grass cut, shrubbery pruned, weeds controlled or eliminated, and debris removed.

Vacant lots shall be kept free of any material that could create a fire hazard.

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Objectionable materials are not to be stored on property, including but not limited to: building materials, junk items, or any unattractive materials or items that detract from the natural appearance of the grounds excluding neatly-stacked firewood.

Property owners shall maintain the exterior of structures and improvements on their premises in a good state of repair and condition. SLOA has final authority to request the property owner to correct or remove the objectionable condition. Items on the grounds held out for sale in a garage or yard sale are objectionable items under this provision unless the garage or yard sale is one of a potential two that may be held by the home owner, with the first held within the first days of ownership and the second after the house has been listed by the owner for sale.

SLOA shall have hand delivered, or sent by first-class mail, to the owner of the offending property a request to correct the problem. Such request shall contain 1 a description of the offense, 2 the time within which the owner must respond with either sufficient assurances that the problem will be immediately corrected or correct the problem, and 3 the estimated amount to be assessed to the homeowner if SLOA must correct the condition.

If problems are not corrected, or no adequate assurance is given within 10 days after the request is sent, SLOA may have the necessary work done and assess the property owner for the costs. Such assessment shall be the personal obligation of the owner and shall be a lien against the property under Article VIII.

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J Landscaping Requirements. The owner of a newly completed dwelling shall be required to complete landscaping no later than six 6 months following the beginning of the growing season after the date of certificate of occupancy.

K Areas Approved and Zoned Commercial.

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In addition and supplemental to the uniform general restrictions, the erection and maintenance of commercial and mixed commercial buildings are limited and restricted to those sections and areas as are platted and approved by SLOA for that purpose and zoned for that purpose.

L Additional Standards.

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