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Religiously Jefferson and Madison and Washington all had abandoned Christianity by middle age. They saw some utility in the educative and moral influence thereof, but they were not in any serious sense Anglican or Christian.

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I have no problem with cking monarchical power: a mixed regime is usually superior to a purely monarchical regime: but 18th century Britain WAS a mixed regime with a limited monarchy, powerful Lords, a powerful Commons, and an official place for the Church in the constitution. To see the modern problem, start with Locke's first letter on toleration. The problem is very clear: the only 'heresy' is asserting that there is heresy and the only thing that is intolerable is asserting that somethings should not be tolerated.

The only essential doctrine, in other words, is asserting that there are essential doctrines. There is our current world.

We live in Lockeland, and its dissolution around us is simply the working out of its internal principles and confusions. The answer is not another version of modern ideology. Christopher Little Again, you cannot reduce resistance theory to Lockeanism. It goes back from the Enlightenment to the Protestant Reformation to a stream of resistance theory running from St. Augustine to St. Thomas Aquinas. Now, I know from your articles that you conclude those Catholic theorists were in error.

I conclude that they were right, based in no small part on biblical data. So you have chosen one theologoumenon and I have chosen another. I would also say this: whatever you may believe about the secession of the colonies, I believe our constitutional system has successfully - thus far anyway and only generally speaking - protected the traditional rights of Englishmen whereas the Commonwealth and its vaunted monarchy have pretty much tossed them wholesale out the window.

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Most Commonwealth folks are mindlessly deferential to government, and this is an unfortunate vestige of the "Anglican" view as you understand it. The nation brought into bring through our secession remains the last, best hope for liberty in the world, and I believe that is by God's design.

And it's why I won't wear a mask, based on the science referenced in this discussion. Mark Haverland There's actually very little in Thomas that supports a right of active resistance. The more I've read Thomas, the most he seems opposed.

John of Salisbury is a more promising example for your case. He was special-pleading for Becket and Becket's ilk, and all of that gets swept up quickly into the issue of extravagant papal claims and the reasonable desire of the kings to control baronial and Church power. In a 'Thomas vs. Henry' fight, no Anglican in the 16th or 17th century would support the Thomas, whether Becket or More.

There certainly is a Catholic case for active resistance. That's why Anglicans identified your position as the 'Jesuitical-Puritanical' view. Calvinists and RCs, yes. Not so much.

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On the more recent effects of the American vs. But the fact that there are some good effects in fact from an earlier action only proves divine Providence, which neither of us doubts. I am content. Christopher Little I am content as well. The historical minutiae do not concern me; it is enough for me that there is a case for resistance based on both biblical precedent and the Church's reflection, which provide us with two theologoumena.

apologise, but

The right to resist unjust and irrational laws is as American as pumpkin pie, and a good thing it is too if the thought of Cranmer, Hooker, Andrewes et al.

The Calvinists used to limit active resistance to cases when lesser magistrates led the charge, but you don't seem to support such a qualification.

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The 'Declaration' implies that it takes an extraordinary train of grave impositions and violations to justify rebellion, but again, you seem to think individual laws may be rejected. Is you argument, Father Little, that every individual is free to break laws that he deems unjust or finds irksome? Are there qualifications?

apologise, but

And what are the Christian and Anglican authorities that support that theory? If this is too much for a Facebook thread, perhaps write an essay. Christopher Little I might do that. In fact I came this II close to responding to your essays on resistance at my own blog, but got distracted and put it on the back burner.

Maybe now is the obvious time, though at present I have more pressing matters to deal with. As I mull over my answer to your questions, I'm thinking about starting at the patently absurd proposition that if the government requires us to wear beanies we are obligated to do so, and then working back from there. Hooker would therefore probably approve of my method. Please don't twist my words. And yes, I don't exactly follow the Calvinist view on the fallback to the lesser magistrate as the sole recourse for resisting tyranny.

The Ninth amendment refers to certain unnamed rights retained by the people.

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The Tenth Amendment refers to powers retained by either the states or the people. There is no lesser magistrate here, but there certainly is a recognition of the rights and powers of the people. In our system, I think it's the county governments that are the kind of lesser magistrates to which that doctrine refers. The long and the short of all this is that the people may assert certain rights and powers.

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One of those rights and powers would be to tell a government who required orange beanie wearing to go pound sand, and if it came to it, to rise up in revolt, with armed revolt as the last resort. And I don't particularly care whether such a belief isn't Anglican. I'm not infallible, but then again, neither are Anglican musings on political theory - or anything else for that matter.

We Anglicans say that Scripture is the font of what we should believe and practice, and I think Scripture's answer on this looks significantly different than that of the Anglican divines you reference. As does the answer of reason. Mark Haverland But everybody who wants to break the law believes he has a good reason for doing so. If the locus of the right to pick and choose laws and the right actively to disobey laws that are not immoral e.

To explain your position, you'll need to show how you avoid that conclusion. The U. Here if the government seeks to infringe liberty unconstitutionally, then there are constitutional and legal remedies. The answer to the command to wear an orange beanie is not to break the law, but to challenge the law lawfully.

Even if the command were intrinsically immoral as well as silly, traditional Christian civil disobedience doctrine requires that the disobedience be public and accepting of the consequences so as to prove sincerity. Which is why those who believed that a given war is immoral are not free to run away to Canada, but must stay, refuse a draft, but then accept punishment. If there are no real Anglican or Christian authorities for a position, then I return to the conclusion that it may be good Americanism, but isn't good Anglicanism.

Hooker would not accept the idea that individuals have the right to pick and choose laws, deciding that laws they don't like may be refused as 'unreasonable' or 'unconstitutional'. Not even the Founding Fathers would accept such an argument.

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Mark Haverland I would suggest you write an essay indeed. I may write on the same subject. I've dealt with the general issue of obedience and the general Anglican position traditionally called 'passive obedience'.

I haven't written on the positions to the left of those Anglicans have favored - and the subject might be worth pursuing.

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I'll answer yesterday's question about Machiavelli later after reviewing. I haven't read 'The Prince' or the discourses on Livy in years and need review. I submit that is not a prescription for chaos. Secondly, yes, there are remedies at law - except in cases such as when there are way more orange beanie voters than there are anti-orange beanie voters.

No possibility of throwing the bum orange beanie tyrant out because too many irrational voters are on his side. And except when the courts have become hopelessly politicized. Our revolution was anything but passive, and this idea of the legitimacy of active resistance is enshrined in our fundamental law, principally the Second Amendment.

As does the answer from reason. Things are just peachy for Anglicans there these days. Thanks for this challenging and irenic exchange. The term was originally used during the Cold War to describe non-communists regarded as susceptible to communist propaganda and manipulation.

The term has often been attributed to Vladimir Lenin, but this attribution is unsubstantiated. The aforementioned former priest has a "Christian" Facebook friend who has adopted Antifa symbols as his profile and cover pictures. He has exchanged pleasantries with him. Good intentions aren't an excuse. As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with them.

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These priests need to wake up, and soon. Much of my writing here in the past few years reflect my struggle, and I have deleted several blog posts containing Reformed Anglican arguments that I simply don't espouse anymore. I've not posted much since November for several reasons. The rector of our mission needing to move away in connection with a job, I have stepped in as the new rector and have been celebrating the Mass every Sunday since late October.

I have two or three blog articles being written in my head at this point. I hope to post them here soon. I will also still be devoting much attention to the Anglican Church in North America and women's ordination. Having only given the paper a cursory glance, it appears to be yet another instance of the kind of exegetical wars we've witnessed between Protestant innovator and Protestant defender of the status quo. That is to say, it is a debate centered on biblical interpretation, with scant interest in the Church's tradition.

This is to be expected. Witt justifies his innovation on the fact that he is a "Reformation Christian" who is simply discovering new light breaking forth from Scripture, while Bishop Dobbs and his Canon theologian are responding with biblical arguments refuting those set forth by LeMarquand and Witt.

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While I am always happy to see Protestant defenders of the status quo go up against the innovators on this question, it always seems to me to be a case of a frantic Dr.

Frankenstein trying to outmanuever his own monster. Witt is right to see his argument for women's ordination as "Reformational", for the Protestant Reformation effectively untethered biblical interpretation from Catholic faith and practice, resulting in wave after wave of innovation on all sorts of matters of faith and practice since the 16th century.

The North American Anglican is far more worthy of that role and your readership. Alice Linsely is a biblical anthropologist and former priest in the Episcopal Church. She renounced her orders many years ago and is now an articulate defender of the Catholic Faith.

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That history provides some necessary context regarding Dr. Gowin's ordination. One is by Fr. The other is an article at the Theopolis Institute by Fr. There are some great critical comments there.

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One of them mirrors my own, which is that Dr. McGowin's argument is a colossal non-sequitur. Alex Wilgus' response to her first article.

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Holy Orders and HeadshipBranson Munson. Gerald McDermott.

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Excellent North American Anglican article by Fr. Tarsitano about integrating the Anglican Way into the Benedict Option and vice versa. See also Fr. Ben Ben Jeffries has published this responseand which again has drawn a reply from Fr. Wesley Walker. It was penned by The Rev. The thrust of Fr. Ben Jefferies' 'Reformed Litany of the Saints" is a tour de force. Don't miss it. The Sacramentalists podcast.

As I recently explained, other duties have kept me away from writing much here at The Old Jamestown Church, and that has not changed. I am under a mountain of obligations just now. I do intend to publish a point-by-point reply to His Eminence's article, but I accordingly won't have time for it for awhile.   Click to Hook Up Now! FWB in Jamestown. Lula, 32, Looking for a FWB buddy. Posted on Jul 15, I am serious so should you be too. I am not looking for a one- night stand but rather something ongoing. A GFE relationship I guess. Or a Friends with benefits kind of a situation. Jamestown Rediscovery is committed to supporting preservation, education, and the archaeological investigation of Historic Jamestowne, the original site of the Meet singles in Jamestown on Mingle2 for a hook up date today for free FWB Hookups is the ultimate FWB finder with thousands of people listed all over the US - who are looking for a Friend with Benefits Find an fwb now.

This podcast began only in March of this year, but already it features some great episodes. The podcast is owned and operated by Fr. Wesley Walker, Curate at St. Here is its Facebook page. William Mouser, Rector of St.

Mouser presented this at our OAC Clericus last weekend. Please visit Fr. Mouser describes here. They will have a lot of explaining to do before the Great Throne of Judgment, but the explanation will not suffice, and they will find themselves eternally ashamed. God be pleased, what we know from I Cor. It was one of the most powerful presentations I've seen. Andrew's Theological College and Seminary conferred an Honorary Doctorate upon him during this service.

He has important words for the Continuing Anglican Church. Know hope for a new Christendom. I read the article by Emily McGowin. The diocese she is in is run by Todd Hunter. He was received into AMiA in and made a Bishop in He came into the ACNA in His under standing of Anglicanism is nil. I watd an interview he gave around the time AMiA made him a Bishop. He freely admitted to not understanding the sacraments.

One comment that stands out was how he still did not understand the need of confirmation. He was a priest at the time. It is now called The Mission. I was newly priested and the only one to vocally challenge the thought of letting this man be in charge of anything in the Church. Some of his other theology was also terrifying. So her theological ignorance, maybe willful ignorance, is honestly arrived at due to her theological "father".

especial. sorry, that

In the article Ms. McGowin takes partial quotes attributed to St Gregory of Nazianzus she gives a very vague reference hard to researchEph. She confuses salvation with function and makes great leaps in logic and reason. How she did not hurt herself in the strain is amazing.

I second Fr. I fear the ACNA due to the embrace of non Anglican and in some cases non Christian theology is becoming white washed sepulchres.

And for that I grieve. While I cannot confirm all the specifics in this assessment, it is true that Bishop Hunter was received into the AMiA inmade a bishop in ! It all speaks volumes. Like I said, steer clear.

The Old Jamestown Area is bounded by natural streams on the north and south. The Missouri River was the route of the Lewis and Clark expedition and Coldwater Creek was a clear, free flowing stream used by the early American Indians.

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