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Basically, this is not a "just dating" kind of thing, in which you both egg each other on to become bed-bound slug people who order Seamless twice a day which hey, no judgment; we've all been there. This person has got you so stoked on life that you just wanna keep getting better for it and them and yourself. And this person is so stoked on you that they experience similar ambitions. Finding a human who inspires to reach higher - whether it's with something silly, like cooking, or something serious, like establishing healthy habits - is one of the greatest discoveries any of us can make. It's complicated, sure, but let's try: They lose the code name. Author: Canadian Living. Moving from "we've just been going on a few dates" to "we're now officially in a relationship" can sometimes be a murky, ill-defined transition.


You could say, "You're so smart," or "You're really good at math. You could say something like, "I enjoy spending time with you.

I think I like you as more than a friend.

Would you like to go out with me.

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