Nafre declares peoples’ movement against injustice


People marching against displacement, SEZ and Communal fascism
People marching against displacement, SEZ and Communal fascism

By Gladson Dungdung
New Delhi 28 March, 2008 

Nafre Jan Andolan declared a mass movement against displacement, special economic zone, dual education system, neo-imperialism and communal fascism in a public meeting, organized on the occasion of the national culmination of “Jan Hakk Yatra” in the capital on March 27. The Yatra was flagged off in Manipur on January 23 with the message that the current development model that favours the haves and exploits the marginalized, who are mostly Adivasis, Dalits and minorities, was not acceptable. The members of Jan Hakk Yatra crossed through forests, hills and rivers heard the agony of people and understood deeply about the issues of the different areas. The Yatra was culminated after scaling 2 lacs 10 thousand kilo meters in16 states having dialogues with 15 lacs people across the country.

In the occasion of the culmination, a two days public meeting was organized in Delhi. Speaking on the occasion, the general secretary of Nafre Jan Andolan, Lakhi Das recalled that how the Nafre had started its activities with a campaign in demand of making “right to education” as the fundamental rights. She said that a big rally had been organized in Delhi in 2001, which pressurized the government of India. As a result, the education was incorporated as the fundamental rights in the Constitution of India under Article 21a. After this successful campaign the Nafre went one step further and took up the issue of inequality. Finally, the Nafre was shaped into the people’s movement in March 2006.

Speaking about the objective of Jan Hakk Yatra, she said that the purpose of Jan Hakk Yatra was to bring the people’s movements, people’s organization and masses in a platform to fight against unjust policies, inequality and injustice. Therefore, we raised the issues of common school system, SEZ policy, displacement, neo-imperialism and communal fascism through Jan Hakk Yatra.

Sharing their views on the vision paper, members of the Nafre central secretariat, Nasreen and Faisal Anurag said that the vision of Nafre is the formation of an equitable and just society after demolition of Brahmanical, patriarchal system, communal fascism, imperialism and capitalism. The delegates of 16 states shared about their experiences of Jan Hakk Yatra and discussed about the issues arise during the Yatra in different parts of the country.

While summarizing the issues arise during the Yatra, member of the Nafre central secretariat Gour Gopal Sardar said that the Jan Hakk Yatra witnessed that the people are fighting every where in the country against displacement, special economic zone, community rights over land, forest, water and minerals, communal fascism, displacement in urban areas, dual school system, inequality, and child rights. The situation of the country is chaos because the rights of poor, marginalized and minorities are not realized even after the 60 years of independence.

At the end of two days public meeting, the strategies were articulated. It was decided that the Nafren Jan Andolan will actively involve in the mass movements going on in the different parts of the country on the issues of displacement, special economic zone, common school system, neo-imperialism and communal fascism. The Nafre will build youth cadres and involve them in the people’s movements. It will also take the issues to the villages for people’s mobilization. The two days public meeting concluded with the determination of strengthening, enforcing and spreading the people’s movements across the country. 500 delegates of several people’s organizations, people’s movements and state alliances of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Rajashthan, UP, Uttrakhand, Chhatishgarh, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Manipur, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh participated in the programme.

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