Chidambaram’s Miracle of 72 Hours

By Gladson Dungdung

6 December, 2009

It has been in practice of the human beings that when a baby cries, the mothers’ heart beats faster, she gets worried and put her all efforts to comfort the baby. But have you ever read any fiction, heard the story from your grandparents or seen a mother feeding her baby, getting toys and buying clothes for her/him only when (s)he stops crying? If not, at least, you can get the holy ideas of parenting from our corporate Home Minister P Chidambaram, who keeps telling to the Adivasis these days that the government (parents) will do everything for them (kids) only when they stop resistance. He has taken for guaranteed that all the Adivasis living in the forests are Maoists or at least their supporters therefore he tells them, “Abjure violence and give me 72 hours” to do the miracle for readdressing the historic socio-economic, cultural and developmental injustices done to them for the centuries.

It amazes me that how the holy idea of miracle of 72 hours impressed Chidambaram and made him so passionate about it? As far as the ‘miracle of 72 hours’ is concerned, it has ensured the pain, suffering and endless sorrow for millions of Indians. The Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Mode created a hell for the Muslims in those 72 hours, where more than 2000 Muslims were killed, thousands were attacked and many of them lost their shelters. Similarly, the terrorist attacks of 26/11 shook the Mumbai for 72-odd hours, created fear, insecurity and uncertainty in the lives of the millions of people across the country. However, P Chidambaram does not bother about whatever happened in the past and he just wants to create heaven for the Adivasis within 72 hours if he is given by the Maoists (he ratified that Maoist have come Messiah for the Adivasis). 

Frankly speaking, the Chidambaram’s miracle of 72 hours does not convince me, precisely, because he is playing a mighty double standards game. Suddenly, he took U turn on the issue of Operation Green Hunt (OGH), when there was immense pressure for withdrawal of the OGH, from the civil society organizations like the Citizens Initiative for Peace (CIP).  On November 7, 2009, Chidambaram denied and even blamed to the media by saying, “There is no operation Green Hunt. It is a figment of imagination and creation of the media.” “Show me one government official saying this and I will take action”, he dared. Ironically, on December 4, 2009, Dantewada-based DIG anti-Naxal operations SRP Killuri unmasked Chidambaram by telling to the media, “As of today, Operation Green Hunt is underway in districts like Bijapur and Dantewada.” Unfortunately, Chidambaram neither took any action against his officer (as per his earlier promise) nor stopped to the media for misusing (according to him) the right to freedom of expression. 

Secondly, how can one believe in the miracle of 72 hours when the victims of Bhopal Gas tragedy did not get justice even after 25 long years despite thousands of deaths (according to the government 3500 deaths and non-government sources  confirm 20000 to 25000 deaths) and millions of sufferers, not a single person was punished? Similarly, the victims of anti-Sikh riots 1984 are still waiting for justice and protest in the streets of Delhi all most every year. And 30 millions displaced masses of India including150000 displaced of Hirakud Dam (1948) the Nehru’s Temple (Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, once said, dams are the “temple[s] of modern India.”) yet to be rehabilitated (though the Indian government does not care about them).

Thirdly, the government authorities are blaming to the Maoists for everything. For instance, there are several state governments failed in ensuring the forest rights to the Adivasis according to the Forest Rights Act 2006, now blame to the Maoists for their failure. Similarly, in the failure of so-called development projects and justice delivery only the Maoists are alleged. Do the Maoists not allow the government to give land pattas (entitlement papers) to the Adivasis? Do we say that every Adivasis would have been prosperous if the Maoists would not have born in India? Can Chidambaram tell us why the corporate houses comfortably run their factories in those areas where the police can not even walk? Can he explain us why the roads of the state capitals and districts headquarters of many states are extremely bad despite huge expenditure made on these? Do the Maoists not let the government to build good road in the capital cities?  Can he tell us why the benefits of the welfare schemes meant for the poor do not reach them? Of course, no one can deny the Maoist menace but can we blame them for everything? 

The fact of the matter is the state has completely failed in upholding the constitution and fears of backlash therefore the operation green hunt has been launched in Chhatisgarh and will be extended to the state of Jharkhand once the Assembly election is over, which is quite evident from the statements of Chidambaram given in the Parliament on December 3. He said, “Attempt was to restore civil administration and the follow it up quickly with development. The security forces being used only to reassert authority in areas where it lost control.” The statements clearly indicate about the security forces being used to regain the control in the Adivasis regions though he may not use the phrase ‘operation green hunt’, which would be materialized in the large scale from January onward, surely result as the mass torture, assault and killing of thousands of the Adivasis in the name of the Maoists, which needs to be strongly opposed by the people of the civil society who believe in the Human Rights of each and every one. 

Obviously, Chidambaram’s miracle of 72 hours is not really miracle to redress the grievances of the Adivasis but it is a strategy to get the sympathy of the civil society for the operation green hunt. He is essentially batting for the corporate with the intention to get the Adivasis’ land clear and hand it over to the corporate houses. He would also ensure the landing of the global investors, which would lead the India’s economy from 7 to 9 percent; of course, that makes no sense to the Adivasis. The Chidambaram’s miracle of 72 hours can only create hell for the Adivasis not the heaven indeed. “If you are to suffer, you should suffer in the interest of the country,” this is what Jawaharlal Nehru, the architect of the modern India told to the Adivasis (victims) of the Hirakud Dam (Orissa) in 1948, which clearly means the Adivasis must have to suffer in their own country and the sunglasses (mostly invaders) are only born to enjoy their lives. Perhaps, Chidambaram’s miracle of 72 hours is to make sure the suffering of the Adivaisis continues.

Gladson Dungdung is a Human Rights Activist and Writer from Jharkhand. He can be reached at

5 thoughts on “Chidambaram’s Miracle of 72 Hours”

  1. It’s not “P. Chidambaram’s Miracle”, as you write Mr. Gladson Dungdung – I would prefer to call it “Media Miracle of 72-hours”.

    I’m amazed the readers / Indian viewers / nationals / wise citizens fail to understand, how media transforms “lies” in-to “truth” and conversely “truth” into “lies”.

    a) We (the world) has witnessed ((on TV, print and electronic media)) how the miracle of 72-hours (rath yathra) razed a 1400 years old historical structure. Our Late PM – on Dec. 6th 1992 was having “an afternoon nap”, when “demolishers were on wrath”.
    17 (seventeen) years after it’s demolition, a commission report is released, and no-one punished to-date (Dec. 6th 2009).

    b) We (the world) has witnessed ((on TV, print, and electronic media)) how the miracle of 72-hours created hell for innocent Muslims, where more than 2,000 innocent Muslims living in homes were “dragged out” and raped / butchered in front of witnesses.
    To-date justice is awaited, and Narendra Modi ((butcher of Gujarat)) reins / roams Gujarat, unpunished.

    c) We (the world) has witnessed ((on TV, print, and electronic media)) how the miracle of 72-hours created fear, insecurity, and uncertainity in the lives of millions of people across India.
    It was well known and published in media and intelligence circles TWO-MONTHS prior to attack, that a “terror attack” was to take place – coming from sea.
    NO MEASURES were undertaken by “protectors of constitution” and “providers of security” to stop the attack, and it was PROUDLY TELECASTED live on TV channels.
    The lone captured terrorist repeats HMV (his master’s voice) – I am a Pakistani – and the world believes it.
    Killers of ATS Chief Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar, and Ashok Kamte – roam freely, with evidence SHOVED “under carpet”, HIDDEN “under-cover of security” or DELAYED “to buy time” / CREATE “more chaos” (Goa Bomb Blast of Deepavali 2009).

    Now P. Chidambaram promises “miracle of 72-hours” – of-course misusing / abusing media PROJECTING all Adivasis as Maoist MONSTERS and all Bhujans as NAXAL MONSTERS – killing and maiming them to justify Indian Government Abuses, conveniently diverting public attention from the responsibility of providing DEVELOPMENT, SECURITY, UPLIFTMENT OF ADIVASIS / BHUJANS – as if all Maoists / Naxals are hurdle to development.

    P. Chidambaram’s promised “72-hour Miracle” will in-fact be “Media Miracle”.

    Qudos to mainstream media for projecting “lies”, and hiding “truth”.

    It’s NOT JUST the leaders / culprit politicians who are responsible. EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE are “PEOPLE” who are supporting, donating, and voting – even after knowing. And those “witnesses” who remain “silent spectators”.


  2. Miracles are generally effected by saints, prophets and Godmen and are both instantaneous and based on some fraud or other. In that respect Chidambaram is slightly more modest in that he has given himself 72 hours.

    Rahul Banerjee

  3. Dear Glad,

    Very very thanks for your piece wittingly apprised that facts.

    In solidarity

    Human Rights Activist Ashok Shankaram
    JANADHIKAR, Country’s Prime Pioneer Human Rights effots,

  4. Very well written Gladson. I appreciate your reasoning and astute definition of the problem. Keep up the good work!

    Dr. Shah Alam Khan

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