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Gladson Dungdung is a Human Rights Activist and Writer. He is the author of a book "Ulgulan Ka Sauda". He comes from the Indigenous community of Jharkhand. His family was displaced during the construction of Kelaghagh Dam situated at Simdega and his parents were brutally murdered in 1990 when he was only 12 years old therefore he had to undergo through a long struggle. Finally, he was able to complete the Post Graduate in Human Rights from IIHR, New Delhi and 18 months Internship Programme in Public Advocacy from the National Centre for Advocacy Studies, Pune. He is associated with the various organizations, campaigns and movements in India. He has under taken the Fact Finding Mission of 450 cases of Police Atrocities and Human Rights violation. He has trained 2000 professionals on Human Rights including Police Officers, Lawyers, Journalists, Teachers, Doctors, Psychiatrists, Elected Representatives and Social Activists. He writes regularly for the Daily Newspapers, Weeklies and Journals on the issues of indigenous people's rights, human rights and social change. He can be reached at