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A woman was recently arrested for having sex in a park - she was charged with "public lewdness," but really, haven't we all been there? Okay, I haven't been there exactly for instance, I've never been handcuffs. But when my parents introduced their infamous no-shutting-the-door policy, my high school boyfriend and I did take to the park for some of our relatively innocent makeout sessions. We were there around midnight one night when I witnessed I think my one and only drug deal - a car pulled up to the curb, waited, and was then joined by another car. Driver 2 got out and sat in the front seat with Driver 1, where they turned on the dome light and examined some things in the front seat while my boyfriend and I stayed perfectly still and looked on in awe. Then Driver 2 got out and both drove away, leaving us to continue our adolescent fumblings in relative peace.

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