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  1. Keep up brother…. united in good cause………..

    Development in Villages:
    Block and services: vridha pentions, free grains, jobs prospects, student stipends, ration card, small business aid, bazar samiti, home guards, and police offices, dispute tribunals, lal card, land rent, library, community hall, garden, playgrounds, recreation center, hospitals free drugs and vaccinations, education and school, news and radio and magazines, transport and electricity, bank and financial services.. etc are there then there could be the potential development through these channels by the government.
    Contrast in Capital City Development:
    How much fund is been surrendered in each financial year under each heads above with the proportion of total capital city population…? Do all the Capital City residents pay their land rent/ municipal rent..? how many acres of land is being restored for say (SAR court or other) to tribes with comparison of Compensation and the total number of cases lodged..? top of that how many Court orders (including supreme court) is been still lying in the circle offices waiting for implementation restoration of land ? why don’t the Circle officer implement those…? Fear extremists even in the capital cities..? or Court orders are subject to extremists attestation…? Why then government officers..? why then police force..? why then Law and rights..? forget about the villages … how many right to information applications are received each month and how many are been served on time… ? what if one gets the answer like record not found ..or seems missing..? who is responsible…. Extremists..? talk about development … in Job…JPSC…. Exam been conducted … in someone else’s reign and the results are not been up … even after a year or so… And this is not just administrative jobs .. but teachers…… and other…Jobs…/ who is behind this …. Extremists..? these unemployed and frustrated and mislead youth are prone and compelled to … express their agitation…. However not all of them become human tight activist.. or editor.. or even have money to file a simple case against the so called government institution (Jpsc) or what will be the outcome …. Job? Exam Result..? when ? how? who will ensure ..? court? Legislative assembly ..? Chief minister? Governor..? Law of Moses says “you shall not kill” new testament says “ if you have vented your anger on your brother you already have killed him” it seems the government here is preaching their own gospel.. you can have the rights and privileges but on the cost of corruption… which is justified in itself. It is easier for the simple and sincere youth to turn extreme…..than to die daily. Where would you suggest them to go..? Police…station ..? court….? Press..? DC..? Chief minister..? Governor..? who will help them and how ? Talk about the national commission set up to enquire about Extremists. And they very categorically stated the above highlighted democratic and bureaucratic failure for the rise of the Extremism….are those report gone in the thrash can..? And it is just the prelude…. Population explosion and political malfunction …corruption are taking its form to swallow up India. Home minister is demonstrating his intelligence and legitimacy with force while the government is very positive to talk to Pakistan and china who in fact have snatched India’s true face on the map. Or have attacked the Indian parliament…intending to ki… those law makers…thank God these (tibes) so called extremists are not that extreme..!! they just want their daily bread..!! Mr. Home minister every action has its equal and opposite reaction.. this is not I have found it but the newton’s law. What is justified… to kill those who.. have turned extreme by the political anguish…. Or to enforce the mechanism to stop the supply of arms and network of these extremists….or to develop a tool that can have the power to assess/check the effectiveness of the policy and implementation..!!! it is not justified to apply the same strategy to curb extremism which is been applied in other African countries or regions… please do not just copy the strategy…… think about the environmental differences…. And facts too…… you cannot set up a Disneyland in India…. Or Wal-Mart in India..!! can you..?

  2. Big complements to Gladson Kujur and Gerald Dungdung !

    I realy agree with you. You have taken a right step. Continue to propagate it. If time permits i will join you for this noble cause. we need to fight together. Keep it up ! These people want to use us and through us away !

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